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Our 60 second lease extension calculator will tell you how much money it will cost to extend your home's lease.
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3 reasons why extending your lease is a no-brainer

Why Extend Your Lease?

  • It will cost you more tomorrow

    Your lease is a ticking time bomb – every day you wait the more expensive it is to extend your lease.
  • ICON - Garuanteed

    Protect your biggest investment

    A home with a longer lease is worth £1000s more and will have more buyers when you sell.
  • ICON - Profit

    Say goodbye to ground rent

    Reduce your ground rent to £0 and escape ever increasing ground rent charges forever.

How does it work?

3 simple steps to discover how much you could save
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Every year that you wait, your lease becomes more expensive to extend. Find out how much it will cost to extend your lease in 60 seconds.
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