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We're reinventing lease extensions

Lease Extensions are confusing, stressful and expensive. We're on a mission to make lease extensions, simple, easy and affordable.

Why Lease Extensions?

They're unfair
Lease extensions put homeowners in direct conflict with freeholders who's primary goal is to maximise their return at your expense.
They're important
It is one of the largest investments homeowners will make in their home and getting it wrong can cost them thousands of pounds.
They affect millions of people
It is a massive problem there are 4.6 million leasehold properties in England, of which 1.2 million will need their lease extended in the 10 years.

Extend your lease today, pay for it when you sell

Every year you wait, it gets more expensive to extend your lease. Find out how much it will cost to extend your lease in less than a minute.
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